METHOD X in action at the Karlsruhe University

METHOD X 3D printers by MakerBot are making a real impact in schools and universities around the world. This case study focuses on Karlsruhe University of Applied Science and their use of the METHOD X printers.

This prestigious university delivers advanced engineering and technical training to students with METHOD X. They utilise the METHOD platform for a range of applications, from research and development to industry thesis projects.

The Karlsruhe University of Applied Science chose METHOD X as their 3D printing platoform, as it delivered a compelling benefit/cost ratio. The METHOD platform offers a wide range of 3D printing materials, high dimensional accuracy, and a professional finish.

Top 3 METHOD X Features

1. Circulating Heated Chamber

METHOD’s heated chamber produces strong manufacturing-grade parts with superior surface finish. Users can print complex geometries with internal cavities using MakerBot’s PVA soluble support material and anneal the final part for extra strength with METHOD’s new heated chamber annealing feature.  Breakaway supports are also available for faster print results.

2. Performance Extruders

The METHOD platform features industrial 3D printing capabilities that make it ideal for printing with advanced, engineering-grade materials. The combination of a heated chamber, ultra-rigid steel frame, sealed material bays, performance extruders, and dissolvable supports enable engineers to print consistently accurate parts.

3. Wide range of Materials

METHOD offers a diverse portfolio of materials for a variety of engineering applications. MakerBot materials include Nylon Carbon Fibre, PC-ABS, PC-ABS FR, ABS, ASA, Nylon, PETG, Tough, PLA, and support materials SR-30 and PVA. Additionally, with the availability of the MakerBot LABS extruder for METHOD, users can print with more industrial materials from leading material suppliers.

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