MakerBot Australia have launched a world first replacement warranty options for Makerbot 3D printers. This enables end users to upgrade the level of cover and support they receive when they purchase a Makerbot printer.  All Makerbot printers purchased in Australia come with a 12 months return to base warranty. This covers all repairs, parts and labour cost associated with returning a Makerbot printer to full working condition.

What is the Warranty Replacement System and what changed from before?

The Makerbot Replacement Warranty allows end users to upgrade the level of cover to significantly improve the turnaround time in case a hardware failure by simply contacting our service team to diagnose fault, if the service team cannot fix the fault over the phone, we will ship a replacement machine to the end user, and collect faulty one.  This process provides resellers and end user with peace of mind, ensure that Makerbot’s market leading technology and software ecosystem is backed by a world class service model.

Key benefits

Have added confidence that you have invested in leading product, with a support and service structure that has no comparison in the Australian Market. This provides you with peace of mind and allows you to focus on extracting the most out of the Makerbot printer.

When you add the Makerbot Replacement Warranty to an ecosystem that already includes lesson plans for educators, webinars, upgradable technology, ease of use, multi device support and advanced software platforms, it creates a complete package that covers all the bases and ensures that end users can concentrate on creating projects that improve outcomes in both an educational and professional environment.

You can find out more about MakerBot Australia’s warranty options here